So… Who are these people?

We’re the creative folk! Founded by media maverick Tendai Luwo under the guidance of his father and serial entrepreneur Dave Luwo, Bad Press Creative Agency is a family-owned and digital driven creative agency.

Often asked “why Bad Press?”, the agency gets its name from the founders broadcast background where as a young marketer he encountered several blossoming artists and actors who had the talent but lacked the business savvy. As such the agency’s genesis was as Best In Artist Development (B.A.D.) with the ‘Press’ added as poetic license.

Today the agency serves a bevy of large, medium and small scale brands and businesses, offering a core bouquet of services that include web development, digital strategy, social media management, content creation and future-facing technologies such as chatbots and augmented reality.

Passion is the name of the game at Bad Press Creative Agency and nothing brings us more joy than building big, beautiful brands from the ground up.

Hopefully yours is the one we work on next.