The Whatsapp security breach, what you need to do

One of the world’s largest communication apps, Whatsapp, has discovered a security vulnerability that allows for spyware to be installed on mobile devices. The breach has left their 1.5Billion users at risk but the question is what should you as a user of Whatsapp do next?

Don’t Panic

As it stands it seems the attack was concentrated on a very small number of people. The targeted attack then means the mass majority of us were not at risk but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t not dangerous.

As such there’s no need to panic but it’s crucial to still remain vigilant.

Upgrade Your Whatsapp Today!

For your own safety and to curb the possible risk of this situation, upgrade your Whatsapp today. To do so, simply head into your respective mobile device’s app store (App Store for Apple and Play Store for Android), search for Whatsapp and select Update.

Ideally run the update over a WiFi network to save on your mobile data.

Stay Cyber Secure

Cyber security is something we should always practice. This doesn’t just apply to Whatsapp but all our online activities. Simple yet regular activities to minimize your chances of being a target can go a long way. This includes:

  • Using strong, secure passwords that you change often

  • Minimising the information you share and access over open networks

  • Regularly update your mobile apps and operating systems

  • Don’t download files from unsecure website or open links / attachments from unknown senders

As the world continues to be more connected and increasingly online, it’s continues to be our perogative to stay safe out there in the big bad world wide web!

Happy surfing! 🌐